“To reach the possible, one must strive for the impossible” (Hermann Hesse)

It has long been argued that personnel/HR departments should establish themselves as strategic partners in companies. HR professionals are to become business partners and be regarded as such. In reality, however, it is often the case that the HR area is not taken seriously as a strategic partner and/or does not position itself correctly.

Genuine business partners are faced with the challenge of maintaining this standard and continuously developing themselves.

·       Do you want to further develop your personnel/HR strategy and your organisation as well as reassess and/or develop your personnel concepts?

·       Do you want to critically examine which tools and personnel concepts really offer added value and contribute to a company’s success?

·       Are you faced with complex challenges or projects and would like support?

·       Would you like to introduce new personnel tools or processes?

I would be pleased to support you in finding the right solutions for your company and in finding out what your strategic requirements are. Together with you I check what the requirements are and what steps are necessary to establish or maintain strategic HR work. At the same time we critically examine the current state-of-the-art personnel instruments and concepts. Because all too often these are introduced or adopted without checking whether they really offer added value to the company.